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COVID-19 Blind Spots

We’re all used to taking precautions and following the rules when we’re in public with strangers, at work serving clients or even at school. But it’s easy to forget precautions with friends, family, or between colleagues. We tend to let our guard down in situations where we are with familiar people. These situations exist in our blind spots.

Most accidents happen because there is a comfort zone associated with navigating familiar places – like our workplace or community. We all get comfortable… so we check our COVID-19 blind spots.

In the workplace

We do well taking precautions around clients. We must continue to do so between colleagues. Even if we feel safe with our colleagues, masks and distancing are still highly important. It’s annoying, but it’s working to protect ourselves and our colleagues.

It seems so simple. But in a social context, it can feel awkwardly complicated. Even well-intentioned colleagues slip up. These reminders may help as we continue to enjoy interacting with our colleagues.

  • Morning coffee talk… we keep our distance and sip.
  • Not quite 2m apart… we wear our mask and put the coffee down.
  • Mask off to eat… we keep our distance, no negotiating that.
  • Up from our desk… be it two steps or 50, we wear our mask.
  • We check our blind spot… we adjust. (Downloadable Poster)

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, businesses and organizations must implement the public health measures and restrictions outlined in the Provincial Regulations and the Public Health Orders.

Additional Resources

We check our blind spot… we adjust. (Downloadable Poster)
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