Mental Health During COVID-19

With the disruption of daily life, financial worries and news feeds dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic comes an increased level of worry, stress and anxiety for some individuals.

There are many resources available to help you and your loved ones get through this time. Here are some articles and resources we recommend:

Supporting Mental Well-being

Self Care and Resiliency

Reducing Stigma


Reaching out: School, Community and Home Supports

If you feel you need additional mental health and addictions support, the following resources are available in Ontario free of charge:

For Adults

  • ConnexOntario: Ontario’s mental health, addictions and problem gambling help line, which can provide contact information for local mental health and addictions services and supports, including crisis lines. Call 1-866-531-2600 for more information.
  • Togertherall:  24/7 anonymous online education and discussion platform for mental health support.
  •  Guided self-help program using workbooks, with phone coaching support. Ask your primary care provider for a referral.
  • Wellness Together Canada: A platform that offers mental health and substance use support, resources, and counselling with a mental health professional.

For Children and Youth