Scheduling a COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

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The EOHU is working hard to provide the latest information and to increase access to the COVID-19 Vaccines. We are requesting everyone’s collaboration and continued patience as we undertake this enormous vaccination effort.

As the vaccines become available to population groups, we will ensure the community is informed. Please note, vaccines are by BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and may be made by an individual or their caregiver; walk-in appointments are not available.

Consult with your primary care provider to discuss any medical concerns. Alternate arrangements will be made for individuals who notify us of barriers preventing them from physically going to a clinic.

Need assistance booking or getting to your COVID-19 vaccine appointment? Click here.

NOTE: Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are administered at COVID-19 vaccination clinics throughout the EOHU region. Depending on vaccine availability, individuals attending clinics for their second dose may not receive the same vaccine they received as a first dose. Learn more.

    How to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment - FIRST DOSE (Pfizer/Moderna)


    Everyone aged 12* and older

    * Must be at least 12 years old on day of vaccination appointment. If your child is 11 but will be 12 when clinics are running, call the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900 to make an appointment.

    Mass Immunization Clinics:

    • Click here to book online
      Book over the phone by calling the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900
    • For questions: 1-888-999-6488

    Pharmacies: Click here to see the list of participating pharmacies

    Additional vaccine clinic sites: Click here for details

    Additional Vaccine Clinic Sites (by appointment only):

    Plantagenet Family Health Team – Vaccination Clinic on June 15th at Knights of Columbus Hall (Alfred)

    • Moderna only
    • 1st dose: 18+
    • 2nd dose: People aged 70+, and people who received a 1st dose on or before April 18th
    • To book an appointment, call 613-673-4318

    Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Department of Health

    • Vaccinating Indigenous populations living on reserve (Akwesasne) aged 18 and over, spouses of community members residing in Akwesasne, and Akwesasronon/First Nations people residing in the City of Cornwall
    • For more information, call 613-575-2341, extension 3219 or 3247

    Cornwall Community Hospital and Winchester District Memorial Hospital

    * Pregnant individuals may choose to receive the vaccine at any time during their pregnancy. It is recommended, but not required, that pregnant individuals have a discussion with their treating health care provider, or with a health care provider familiar with their pregnancy.  However, a letter from a health care provider is not required for vaccination. For pregnant individuals under 18 years old, please contact your primary care provider or call the health unit at 613-933-1375 or 1-800-267-7120.

    REMINDER: If you, or the individual you are booking for, do not fall within one of the groups listed above, please do NOT try to schedule an appointment. Eligibility will be verified prior to appointments being booked. No walk-ins will be accepted at clinic locations.

    How to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment - SECOND DOSE (Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Booking is now underway for individuals who received a 1st dose but did not receive a date for their 2nd dose. Please see information in the table below for details.

    Second doses of COVID-19 vaccine are also now being made available at an accelerated rate for certain groups, subject to appointment availability. The province will continue to expand eligibility for second dose appointments based on age, date of first dose and type of vaccine.

    Please check this page regularly for updates. For any questions, please contact the Provincial Vaccine Information Line at 1-888-999-6488.

    People who received their 1st dose of vaccine between Feb. 27 and March 21 but have not yet received a date for their 2nd dose

    To ensure that you receive your 2nd dose within the 16-week timeframe, the EOHU will be contacting you directly to schedule an appointment before your 2nd dose due date.

    PLEASE NOTE: Beware of scammers. The EOHU will never request financial information over the phone. The COVID-19 vaccine is free.

    All other 2nd dose bookings

      Please visit the Ontario Ministry of Health's webpage COVID-19 vaccines: getting your second dose, for information on:

      • who is currently eligible for accelerated 2nd doses
      • which vaccine you can get
      • when you can book an appointment
      • where to get it and how to book an appointment
      • if you were vaccinated outside Ontario or Canada

      IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you initially booked your 2nd dose vaccine appointment through the provincial booking system but you were able to receive your 2nd dose elsewhere (e.g. pharmacy, primary care provider), kindly ensure to CANCEL that appointment in the provincial system. This would allow someone else to book an appointment in that spot.

      To cancel your appointment, please call the provincial booking line at 1-833-943-3900 or use the following link:

      Preparing for your vaccination appointment

      Read what you need to know about your COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Please also read the COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet prior to your appointment. This information will help you prepare to consent to receiving your vaccine.

      24 Hours Prior to Appointment

      In the 24 hours before your appointment, you must take the online COVID-19 screening. If you do not pass the screening, please call the Provincial Vaccine Information Line at 1-888-999-6488 as soon as possible. Do not come to your vaccine appointment.

      On the Day of Appointment

      On the day of your appointment:

      • Bring proof of eligibility. This may include:
        • age-based eligibility:
          • a piece of government issued ID showing your name, photo and date of birth (e.g. OHIP card, driver’s licence, passport)
        • worker-based eligibility:
          • employer issued identification showing your name, photo and the name of the employer or setting where you provide services
          • a pay stub or a printed letter from the employer or other setting recognizing you as a worker
      • To prepare, please read the COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet prior to your appointment.
      • Do not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment time. You will be turned away and asked to come back if you arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment time.
      • Follow the signs and line up as instructed.
      • Maintain physical distancing of at least 2 meters/6 feet from others at all times.
      • Pass an active COVID-19 screening on arrival.
        • If you fail the screening, you will not be vaccinated, and will need to call to reschedule your appointment.
      • Have regular meals.
      • Wear short sleeves.
      • Read about what you need to know after your COVID-19 vaccine.

      Precautions During Warm Weather: If there is a heat warning event on the day of your appointment, please follow all precautions to minimize your risk of heat-related illnesses. Symptoms of heat-related illnesses include:

      • Dizziness or fainting
      • Nausea or vomiting
      • Headache
      • Rapid breathing and heartbeat
      • Extreme thirst (dry mouth or sticky saliva)
      • Decreased urination with unusually dark yellow urine

      Some precautions that can be taken include:

      • If your car has air conditioning, please do not wait outside in the heat. Remain in your air-conditioned car until your scheduled appointment time. Rest assured; you will not lose your appointment.
      • If you do not have air conditioning in your car or if you used an alternative transportation (e.g., taxi, friend, bus), find a shaded area to keep cool until 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment.
      • Hydrate prior to your appointment and stay hydrated by bringing a bottle of water.
      • Wear a hat, light coloured and loose-fitting clothing with breathable fabric.
      • Monitor yourself for heat-related symptoms and reach out if you need medical assistance.

      A Quick Tour of an EOHU COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

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