Inspection: 2 4 1 PIZZA #152

Site Address
12-841 Sydney Street
Cornwall Ontario K6H 3J7
Facility Type
Food Take Out
Date 2020-02-04
Inspection Type Required

The floor or floor coverings, the walls and ceiling are maintained in a sanitary condition and good repair

  • Ensure walls, ceilings and passageway are tight, smooth and non-absorbent
Not In Compliance

Food contact surfaces washed/rinsed/sanitized after each use

  • Ensure appropriate concentration of sanitizing agent is used to sanitize food contact surfaces
Not In Compliance

Every operator of a food service premise ensures that there is at least one food handler or supervisor on the premise who has completed food handler training during every hour in which the premise is operating

  • Ensure there is at least one certified food handler on site during every hour in which the premise is operating
Not In Compliance
  • Inspection Report Provided
  • Satisfactory - Follow-up action required
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