Public Health Unit Infection Prevention And Control Lapse Report

Initial Report

Premises/Facility Under Investigation

Seaway Family Dental
1080 Montreal Road
Cornwall ON,
K6H 1E2

Type of Premises/Facility

Dental clinic

Date Board of Health Became Aware of IPAC Lapse

September 26, 2019

Date IPAC lapse was linked to the premise/facility

September 27, 2019

Date of Initial Report Posting

October 10, 2019

Date of Initial Report Update(s)

How the IPAC Lapse was Identified


Summary Description of the IPAC Lapse

Complaint inspection revealed a concern with the reprocessing of a single tool used at the clinic. The instrument of concern was in use between July 29 and September 27, 2019. In addition a dust generating procedure was being performed within the reprocessing area. All other reprocessing practices and procedures were found to be in compliance.

IPAC Lapse Investigation

Issue referred to regulatory college and/or other stakeholder notified?


If the Lapse Involved a Member of a Regulatory College, Was the Issue Referred to that Regulatory College?

Referral made to Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

Were any Corrective Measures Recommended and/or Implemented?

1. Immediately discontinue the use of the tool of concern
2. Relocate dust-generating procedure from the reprocessing area
3. Provide EOHU with a written plan outlining a procedure to be used as back-up tools for the Tofflemire matrix band, including training for any staff who may be responsible for reprocessing new tools acquired for this process (if applicable).

Corrective measures taken:
The tool implicated in the suspected lapse was verified to have been removed from use on September 30, 2019. The dust-generating procedure within the reprocessing area had also ceased by September 30, 2019, pending relocation.

Date any Order(s) or Directive(s) Were Issued to the Owner/Operators

Oct 9, 2019, Section 13 ordered

Initial Report Comments

IMPORTANT: Despite the potential lapse in practice identified, the risk of acquiring a blood borne pathogen with the use of this instrument is extremely low.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Linda Cléroux
Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programmes
613-933-1375 x 279