Conditional Pass

Facility Information

Site Address
13480 County Road 2
Morrisburg, Ontario, K0C 1X0
Morrisburg Village
Facility Type

Inspection Detail

Inspection Type

Inspection Results

Result Compliance
Facility first aid kit meets requirements.
  • Provide adhesive dressings individually wrapped.
  • Provide at least one pair of scissors.
  • Provide at least one roll-up splint.
  • Provide resuscitation pocket masks.
  • Provide rolls of splint padding.
  • Provide sterile surgical pads suitable for pressure dressings individually wrapped.
  • Provide safety pins.
Not In Compliance
Facility operational requirements met.
  • Every owner and every operator must ensure that the circulation system and the chemical feeders are in continuous operation, except for stoppage for maintenance, draining, repairs or backwashing of filters or for a closure for a continuous period of seven days or more, throughout the entire 24 hours of each day without regard to the daily use period.
  • Every owner and every operator must maintain all components of the pool or spa in proper working order.
  • Every owner and every operator must maintain the public pool or public spa and its equipment in a safe and sanitary condition.
Not In Compliance
Required signage posted.
  • Post, at the entrance to each shower area and at every entrance to the deck used by bathers, notices that set out that each bather shall take a shower using warm water and soap and thoroughly rinse off all soap before entering or re-entering the deck.
Not In Compliance
Facility completes daily records as required.
  • Record any emergencies, rescues or breakdowns of equipment that have occurred.
  • Record the time and results of all pool chemistry tests required.
  • Record the type and amount of chemicals added manually to the pool or spa.
Not In Compliance
Facility meets water clarity, visibility, and illumination standards.
  • Ensure public pool water clear enough to permit black disc at deepest point to be clearly visible from point on deck nine meters away.
Not In Compliance
Safety equipment required for operation as a public pool provided.
  • Provide an electrically insulated or non-conducting reaching pole at least 3.65 metres long.
Not In Compliance
Written emergency and operational procedures and instructions are available.
  • Ensure that written emergency and operational procedures and instructions are available at the pool to be implemented in the event of an emergency, accident or injury in the pool.
Not In Compliance

Actions Taken

  • Unsatisfactory - Re-inspection required
  • Verbal Consultation
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