Speech and Language Services

The EOHU has resumed its preschool speech and language services. Please expect important delays due to a backlog caused by the interruption of services at the start of the pandemic.

We appreciate your patience as we resume our services virtually. Please call 613-933-1375 or 1 800 267-7120 if you have any questions about your child’s speech and language services.

Children will learn to talk by imitating others, but what if your child is not developing communication skills as fast as they should?

Words in Bloom is a speech and language development program for children up to the age of five. Speech-Language Pathologists will work with your child to improve their communication skills. Early detection of a speech or language development problem is often the key to successful treatment. The sooner a child’s delays are addressed, the sooner they can meet their age-appropriate milestones.

For more information about this program or to refer your child for services, call 613-933-1375 or 1 800 267-7120.

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