Facility Information

Site Address
1026 Labrosse Street
St Eugene, Ontario, K0B 1P0
St Eugène
Facility Type
Food Take Out

Inspection Detail

Inspection Type

Inspection Results

Result Compliance
Every food premise shall be operated and maintained free from potential/immediate health hazards
  • Premises must be free from every condition that may be a health hazard
Not In Compliance
General housekeeping is satisfactory
  • Ensure every room in the premise is kept in a sanitary condition to prevent contamination of food
Not In Compliance
Handwashing stations are provided, adequately supplied and used only for the handwashing of employees
  • Provide paper towels in a dispenser at hand washing station in food preparation area
  • Provide soap in a dispenser at hand washing station in the food preparation area
Not In Compliance
Adequate protection against the entry of insects, birds, rodents, and other pests
  • Contact licenced pest control operator for insect/rodent/pest treatment and control
  • Evidence of contamination of food or food contact surfaces
  • Protect the food premise against the entry of pests
Not In Compliance

Actions Taken

  • Closure - Voluntary
  • Discussion with PM
  • Sample Taken - Bacteriological Water
  • Unsatisfactory - Closure
  • Verbal Consultation
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