2 4 1 PIZZA #152 - 2022-01-25


Facility Information

Site Address
841 Sydney Street
Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 3J7
Facility Type
Food Take Out

Inspection Detail

Inspection Type

Inspection Results

Result Compliance
Sanitary maintenance of and provision of required supplies in staff/public washroom facilities
  • Equip facility with paper towels in dispenser/hot air dryer/continuous cloth roller
Not In Compliance
Thermometers used to verify food preparation and storage temperatures
  • Provide refrigeration units with accurate indicating thermometers that may be easily read
Not In Compliance
Non-food contact surfaces, shelves, furniture, equipment and appliances maintained in sanitary condition
  • Construct and arrange room in a manner permitting thorough cleaning
  • Ensure all surfaces are clean and maintained in good repair
Not In Compliance

Actions Taken

  • Inspection Report Provided
  • Satisfactory - Follow-up action required
  • Verbal Consultation
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