Site Address
127 Main Street South
Alexandria Ontario K0C 1A0
Facility Type
Date 2022-08-12
Inspection Type Required

Food contact surfaces washed/rinsed/sanitized after each use

  • Ensure appropriate concentration of sanitizing agent is used to sanitize food contact surfaces
Corrected During Inspection

The floor or floor coverings, the walls and ceiling are maintained in a sanitary condition and good repair

  • Ensure floors or floor coverings are kept clean and in good repair
  • Cleaning required around, under and behind kitchen equipment, counters, and baseboards
Not In Compliance

Food contact surfaces properly designed, constructed, installed and maintained

  • Ensure equipment/utensil(s)/multi-service articles must be free from cracks, crevices and open seams
Corrected During Inspection

Cloths and towels

  • Cloths and towels used for cleaning, drying or polishing utensils or cleaning food contact surfaces must be used for no other purpose
Corrected During Inspection

Handwashing stations are provided, adequately supplied and used only for the handwashing of employees

  • Provide paper towels in a dispenser at hand washing station in food preparation area
Not In Compliance

Sanitary maintenance of and provision of required supplies in staff/public washroom facilities

  • Equip facility with paper towels in dispenser/hot air dryer/continuous cloth roller
Not In Compliance

Food protected from potential contamination and adulteration

  • Cover all food in storage
  • Protect all food from contamination and adulteration
Corrected During Inspection
  • Inspection Report Provided
  • Satisfactory - Follow-up action required
  • Verbal Consultation
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