A&F BILLIARDS - 2023-02-27


Facility Information

Site Address
854 First Street East
Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 3T8
Facility Type

Inspection Detail

Inspection Type

Inspection Results

Result Compliance
Food contact surfaces washed/rinsed/sanitized after each use
  • Ensure appropriate concentration of sanitizing agent is used to sanitize food contact surfaces
  • Provide a test kit to determine the concentration of the sanitizing agent
Not In Compliance
Handwashing stations are provided, adequately supplied and used only for the handwashing of employees
  • Provide paper towels in a dispenser at hand washing station in food preparation area
Not In Compliance
Non-food contact surfaces, shelves, furniture, equipment and appliances maintained in sanitary condition
  • Ensure all surfaces are clean and maintained in good repair
Not In Compliance

Actions Taken

  • Inspection Report Provided
  • Satisfactory - Follow-up action required
  • Verbal Consultation
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