Facility Information

Site Address
1039 Limoges Road
Limoges, Ontario, K0A 2M0
Facility Type

Inspection Detail

Inspection Type

Inspection Results

Result Compliance
Every food premise shall be operated and maintained free from potential/immediate health hazards
  • Premises must be free from every condition that may adversely affect the wholesomeness of food
  • Premises must be free from every condition that may be a health hazard
Not In Compliance
Food contact surfaces washed/rinsed/sanitized after each use
  • Ensure instructions for cleaning food processing equipment are posted in accessible place
Not In Compliance
The floor or floor coverings, the walls and ceiling are maintained in a sanitary condition and good repair
  • Ensure walls, ceilings and passageway are tight, smooth and non-absorbent
Not In Compliance
General housekeeping is satisfactory
  • Ensure every room in the premise is kept in a sanitary condition to prevent contamination of food
Not In Compliance
Thermometers used to verify food preparation and storage temperatures
  • Provide refrigeration units with accurate indicating thermometers that may be easily read
Not In Compliance
Handwashing stations are provided, adequately supplied and used only for the handwashing of employees
  • Provide an adequate number of handwashing stations conveniently accessible to food handlers in food preparation area
Not In Compliance
Food protected from potential contamination and adulteration
  • Protect all food from contamination and adulteration
Not In Compliance
Non-food contact surfaces, shelves, furniture, equipment and appliances maintained in sanitary condition
  • Ensure all surfaces are clean and maintained in good repair
  • Ensure all surfaces are readily cleanable and non-absorbent
Not In Compliance
Adequate protection against the entry of insects, birds, rodents, and other pests
  • Evidence of contamination of food or food contact surfaces
  • Keep premise free of conditions that lead to the harbouring/breeding of pests
Not In Compliance
Results of inspections posted
  • Every operator of a food premise shall ensure that the results of any inspections conducted by a public health inspector are posted in accordance with the inspector’s request
Not In Compliance

Actions Taken

  • Discussion with PM
  • Municipality-City
  • Photos Taken for File
  • Product Seized & Destroyed
  • Section 13 Order Issued
  • Unsatisfactory - Closure
  • Verbal Consultation
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