Boil Water Advisory

Issued: When authorities suspect or have confirmed the presence of harmful microorganisms in the drinking water supply.

Instructions: Bring water to a rolling boil for AT LEAST 1 MINUTE before drinking or using to prepare food, or use an alternate source of safe drinking water, such as bottled water.

Why: Boiling the water will kill the harmful microorganisms in the water.

You can still: Take a shower (except toddlers and young children), wash clothes.

Example: E. Coli contamination in the drinking water supply.


The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has prepared templates to assist owners and operating authorities of drinking water systems during a drinking water advisory. In the event of a boil water advisory, you can download the templates below and adapt/modify them according to your needs. You can use the templates below to prepare a public notice, poster/sign, press release, email, web content or any other material you require.  Please note that the areas in grey are fields that need to be replaced with the information specific to your advisory.